Livestreamed conversation about Transfigured Night on LRB Screen at Home, 27 May 2020

LRB Screen at Home
7pm, 27 May 2020

NOTE: this event isn’t a screening, it’s a livestreamed conversation about the film. Watch the film beforehand – it’s available for free globally! Details below:

Filmed, with keen attention to place and objects, at home with Lingis near Baltimore, Transfigured Night asks us to consider the face and the gaze of others, the sensual experiences of weight and being touched, through explorations of performance, sculpture and dance, alongside meditations on mortality and suffering. It is part of a series of discursive works with philosophers, including conversations with Cixous, Massumi and Stiegler. Produced by Performance Matters, it’s a singular collection of ongoing relevance and resonance, confirming the enduring value of both engaged reflection and the generative act of meeting and speaking together.

Transfigured Night will remain available to view until 28 May.

Transfigured Night