Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield

In an event that hovered somewhere between an experimental screening, a dialogue between collaborators and an art lecture, Glendinning and Heathfield wove together images and words on the nature of photography and performance, time and vision, stillness and movement, capture and loss.

When is an image an event? What is the pleasure of looking compared to the pleasure of doing? Is it ok to take something someone didn’t mean to give? And are all the people in the photographs dead?

Lax was premiered at Tate Modern, London and Tate Liverpool galleries in October 2004, as part of the Activations series curated by the Live Art Development Agency. It was also performed at the Hebbel Theatre Berlin January 2005 and in Providence Rhode Island as part of Becoming Uncomfortable PSi 11 in April 2005.

Lax Paola Pivi. Photo: © Hugo Glendinning