Technologies of Spirit

A Conversation with Bernard Stiegler

In this dynamic exchange shot at the philosopher’s residence in the heart of the French countryside, Stiegler re-evaluates his work on the logics and consequences of capitalism; its affects on individual and social well-being and transformative potential. Turning to questions of the status of art in relation to other forms of labour, Stiegler outlines a new vision of cultural industries based on economies of contribution and on technologies oriented towards care. In the face of a ‘war on sensibility’ Stiegler makes an impassioned call for the revivification of spirit.

Bernard Stiegler is the author of numerous works of philosophy including his three volume series Technics and Time (Stanford), For a New Critique of Political Economy (2010), Uncontrollable Societies and Disaffected Individuals (2013) and What Makes Life Worth Living (2013). He was the Director of the Department of Cultural Development at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris and is one of the founders of the political group Ars Industrialis.

Directed and Edited by Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield

Duration: 82 minutes

Technologies of Spirit is produced by Performance Matters

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Homepage image: Hugo Glendinning and Adrian Heathfield, Technologies of Spirit (video still), 2015. © the artists.

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