Janine Antoni, Anna Halprin, Stephen Petronio
Edited by Adrian Heathfield

Ally captures a series of remarkable collaborative art works instigated by visual artist Janine Antoni, in alliance with preeminent dance-maker and community activist Anna Halprin and pioneer choreographer Stephen Petronio. In this richly illustrated volume, the artists’ radical combination of performance with installation, sculpture and film is used to question the nature of physical relations and creative affinities. Through an encounter across generations and distinct ways of making, the artists re-examine their creative histories while entangling their work with each other’s. A new type of exhibition emerges in which objects and images combine with performance in processes of translation and change. Writer and curator Adrian Heathfield, who has accompanied this labour from the start, speculates on its cultural and philosophical stakes. Carol Becker, Richard Move and Jacquelynn Baas contribute essays on the artists’ discrete oeuvres. The art works and writings are joined by a fragmentary memoir from renowned novelist and playwright Hélène Cixous: a meditation on maternal lineage, ageing and loss.

Ally, Janine Antoni, Anna Halprin, Stephen Petronio, Hirmer Publications and Fabric Workshop and Museum, 2017, 208 pages. ISBN 9783777429526.

Read the essay, Remembering Air, below

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Ally Anna Halprin. Photo: © Hugo Glendinning